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  Letting agents fees

Letting agents fees

Landlord Fees

Bronze Service Level

Find a tenant service.

Setting up fee half of one month’s rent with a minimum fee of £295.00


example  £750 per month rent  =  £375

£400 per month rent  = £295


Silver Service Level

Basic service

Annual fee of £295.00

Monthly rent collection fee £25

example of fee 6% =   £750 rent  = £45

Gold Service Level


Setting up fee at the beginning of each new tenancy £200.00

Monthly Management fee of an agreed percentage of the rent

Example:  a rent of £650.00 per month might attract a fee of 8% =£52

Renewal fee £50.00

Annual deposit registration fee £25.00


Platinum Service Level

Annual fee of £295.00

Example: a rent of £650.00 per month might attract a fee of 10% = £65


Bronze and Silver Service Level add on services – Payable in advance


Preparation of Tenancy Agreement £100.00


Preparation of Inventory and schedule of condition £100.00


Collection of the first months’ rent and setting up of standing order, collecting the deposit and accounting all to the Landlords Bank Account £100.00


Property visit and report £50.00


Renewal of Tenancy £65.00


Final inspection and report £100.00


Negotiation of Deposit refund and preparation for arbitration £45.00


Additional Fees


Early termination fee £200.00  and conditions in line with our terms of business.

Per hour for any time spent in court on your behalf £50.00

Unscheduled visit to the Property at your request that is not our duty as specified in our agreement £45.00

Copy of any tenancy agreements, inventory or certificates requested by you £10.00

‘Sitting in’ fees (waiting for contractors, valuations or surveyors etc. £45.00

If a sale is agreed to the tenant that we introduced 0.75%  of the sale price agreed

(Example sale price £150,000.00 fee £1125

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